Major Locations

Bistrița, Romania: One of the first locations within Dracula, Bistrița is the first location where the audience (although, unfortunately, not Jonathan,) understands that there is something suspect about Count Dracula.

Carfax Abbey, Purfleet, England: The estate that Dracula purchases at the beginning of the novel, this becomes Dracula’s base of operations while in England. It shares a boarder with Dr. Seward’s asylum next-door.

Dracula’s Castle (off the Borgo Pass), Romania: Jonathan’s destination at the start of the novel, the castle is the centuries-old house of the Count and his mistresses; it’s also a near-impenetrable— and near-inescapable— fortress.

Dr. Seward’s asylum, Purfleet, England: The unnamed asylum where Dr. Seward works. He keeps his phonograph there, and the asylum later becomes a base of operations for the six protagonists. It shares a boarder with Carfax Abbey next door.

Doolittle’s Wharf, London, England: The wharf Dracula flees from as he boards the Czarina Catherine while escaping London.

Exeter, England: The city where Mina and Jonathan live, as well as where their friend (and Jonathan’s business partner), Peter Hawkins, lives.

Galați, Romania: The second city where the six protagonists try to trap Dracula, after he passes by them in Varna while aboard the Czarina Catherine.

St. Peter’s Church, Galați, Romania: The church where Petrof Skinsky is murdered, likely to prevent him from revealing Dracula’s routes to the protagonists.

Hampstead, London: An area of London central to the novel, and to the events surrounding Lucy, her death, and what follows.

Hampstead Heath: The location of “The Hampstead Horror” the Westminster Gazette reports on, where multiple children have gone missing, sometimes until the morning, and where the “bloofer lady” was seen.

Highgate Cemetery: The cemetery where Lucy is presumably buried, owing to its close proximity to Hampstead Heath, where the “Bloofer Lady” was spotted at night by the missing children, and where Dr. Seward, Dr. Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Morris witness Vampire!Lucy draining a child.

Hillingham: Lucy Westenra’s house, where she spends her final days, sick and bloodless, until the final attack before her death.

Hospital of St. Joseph and Ste. Mary, Budapest, Hungary: The hospital where Jonathan ends up for six weeks, after successfully escaping Dracula’s castle.

Jamaica Lane, London, England: The street where Snelling and Smollet take 6 of Dracula’s boxes after visiting Carfax Abbey.

167 Chicksand Street, Mile End, London, England: The location where Snelling and Smollet take 6 of Dracula’s Boxes after visiting Carfax Abbey.

Piccadilly, London, England: The street where Jonathan and Mina first spot Dracula in London, and where one of Dracula’s London houses is located.

Hyde Park Corner: While Jonathan and Mina are walking past Hyde Park Corner along Piccadilly, Jonathan spots Dracula and proceeds to have a breakdown in terror. This pushes Mina, once they return to Exeter, to read his journal about Transylvania.

347 Piccadilly: The address of Dracula’s house on Piccadilly. This is where the men lie in wait for Dracula, hoping to catch and kill him before he can disappear.

The Sereth River (Siret River), Romania: The river Mina hypothesizes that Dracula took while fleeing back to his castle.

Varna, Bulgaria: The city where Dracula initially departs Transylvania to London aboard the Demeter. Varna becomes prominent again at the end of the novel, when the six protagonists wait there to intercept Dracula aboard the Czarina Catherine before he can escape back to his castle. Dracula passes straight through by transforming into a fog to conceal the ship.

Whitby, England: The first place where Dracula lands in England, and where Lucy and Mina are first exposed to him.

The Royal Crescent: The neighborhood where Lucy and Mina stay while in Whitby. It is from here that Lucy sleepwalks across town to Whitby Abbey. Dracula will continue to visit Lucy nightly, while in Whitby.

Whitby Abbey: The location Lucy sleepwalks to when Dracula first bites her, and where Mina finds her after seeing a shadowed Dracula above her.

Whitby Bay: The bay where the Demeter appears several days before crashing ashore, revealing a dead captain stuck at the mast, and a large dog which jumps out and disappears.

The Zoological Gardens, London, England: The zoo where Dracula compels a wolf from. Dracula forces the wolf to crash through the windows at Hillingham, giving himself access to the house in order to drain Lucy for the final time.

Note: this list does not include all locations and landmarks in Dracula; instead, it includes the most plot-relevant locations and landmarks.